Council funds black box for community radio station

Watford Borough Council has helped fund a popular community radio station by providing £2,000 from its Small Grants Fund to pay for equipment to keep it on air.

Published: Monday, 2nd November 2015

The cash was used by Vibe 107.6 FM to buy a new black box. The new box means that the radio can continue to broadcast without interruption.

General Manager of Vibe 107.6 FM Howard Groves said: “It may not look like much, but our black box is the heart of the station, basically. Without this machine, we would not be on air.”

Vibe 107.6 FM is the third largest station of its kind in the UK, and the only one specifically serving Watford and South West Hertfordshire. It offers dedicated training, mentoring and supervision for young people in the area, helping them to gain new skills, experience and confidence. Its presenters have been talent-spotted and given broadcasting jobs for high-profile companies like Sky TV.

Elected Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said: “Vibe 107.6 FM is a real asset to our town. Not many towns the size of Watford can say they have their own dedicated FM radio station. We’re proud to have had the chance to support our one.

“Whether you want amazing shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theatres, a commercially successful town to run your business in, or great broadcasting experience, Watford is the place for you. We’re proud of Vibe 107.6 FM as it puts our town on the map and sells everything that’s brilliant about Watford – long may it continue! I want to encourage all local groups looking to make a real difference in their community to apply to the small grants fund like Vibe 107.6 FM did.”

Applications are still open for community groups to apply for up to £2,000 from the council Small Grants Fund to buy equipment, hold an event or launch an initiative.

For more information visit, phone 01923 278319 or email  

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