Help shape the plans for St. Albans Road improvements

Next phases to St. Albans Road

Roads included in the St Albans Road waste and flytipping project

Following the first phase of improvements to St Albans Road, Watford Borough Council are now looking to transform further sections of the key thoroughfare, working out from Balmoral Road towards Bushey Mill Lane, and want local residents to help shape the plans.

The new phases will look to focus on the pavements and forecourts to improve the look and feel, with more green space, nicer materials and street furniture including cycle parking facilities.

However, the council also wants to hear from residents and businesses about their aspirations for this specific area.

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Phase 1 successes

Cycling facilities in St Albans Road

New cycling facilities and planters

Improved the look and feel of the area and also the air quality. New planters and street trees have created a more pleasant environment and soften the road dominated by traffic.

New small squares at St. Albans Road

Small ‘squares’ of high quality public realm

New small ‘squares’ of high quality public realm and community space on Hatfield Road, Victoria Road and Bruce Grove, which are all closed to through traffic onto St Albans Road and were previously cluttered.

New street furniture at St. Albans Road

New strategically placed street furniture

New strategically placed street furniture also improved the surroundings whilst helping to stop illegal on-pavement parking, as well reducing street clutter. There is also better visibility of traffic signs.

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