Council services affected by coronavirus


From 29 March

With the lockdown being eased, parking rules were re-introduced on 29 March. This will enable the council to respond to an expected increase in traffic levels on local roads and maintain access on all routes.

  • Motorists will need to hold a permit or visitor voucher when parking in a permit or shared use bay and need to purchase a pay and display voucher when parked in a pay and display bay, during the restricted hours, in the zones listed below.
  • Permit holders and visitor voucher holders are no longer able to park on yellow lines during restricted times, which are not on main roads, bus routes & junctions.
  • To compensate for the reduced service, existing permits will be extended the equivalent period by which the controls have been reduced.
  • Health care and critical workers displaying the national parking pass are able to continue to park in permit bays, shared use bays and pay and display bays free of charge.

The following zones enforcement hours are as follows:

  • Zones A, B/C, G & E: 8am – 10pm, Mon – Sun
  • Zones D, F, J, K, L M/N, S & T: 8am – 6.30pm, Mon – Sat
    • (additional match day restrictions will not apply to F,J,K,L, M/N, S & T)
  • Zone U: 10am – 12pm, Mon – Fri
  • Zone V: 10.30 – 2.30pm, Mon – Fri (1 September – 30 June)
  • Zone W: 10am – 11am, Mon – Fri
  • Zone NA: 8am -10am & 7pm – 10pm Mon- Sat
  • Zone X: 9am – 11am, Mon- Fri
  • Zone Y: 10am – 12 Noon, Mon- Fri
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