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Reopening of leisure and sports facilities

As leisure and sports facilities begin to reopen there are some important changes that need to be assesses and made to ensure these business reopen safely.

Risk Assessments & Cleaning

All premises are required to undertake a risk assessment to ensure the risk of transmitting Covid-19 is control for staff, customers and visitors prior to reopening. Controls identified during the risk assessment in order to reduce transmission risk will include increased hand washing, cleaning of hand contact surfaces and equipment using cleaning chemicals and cleaning methods that destroy the virus.

You must identify and implement these controls before you can even begin to look at the other changes required to reopen your business. You can find advice and links for risk assessments and simplified cleaning guides on our landing page advice to businesses preparing to reopen.

Assessing sporting activities

When undertaking a risk assessment of sporting activities you intend to provide, the government guidance provides details on looking at ‘droplet transmission’ which requires looking at activity, duration and proximity to others. This will give you an idea of how far apart customers need to be when exercising which enable you to calculate your capacity and whether you need to remove equipment.

Communal areas

In addition to calculating distances when exercising, social distancing needs to be maintained at all other times including access the premises and moving around the premises. You should be ensuring customers and staff can maintain a 2m distance at all times, if that is not possible then you should ensure 1m with additional mitigating controls. These controls can be in the form of masks, screens or other appropriate measures. You will need to consider how staff and customers arrive, move around the corridors and leave the premises. You will also need to consider this when they are using facilities such as using the toilet. All the contact points in these areas will need controlled and frequently cleaned.

Taking contact details of customers

The government guidance states that reopening of businesses is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. You should assist this service by keeping a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed. We recommend that you obtain customer name, a contact detail (either number or email address) and note the date and time. You will require a Privacy notice you can use to explain to you customers why you are taking these details. You should ensure the details are kept securely so they cannot be seen by other customers and this information is not used for marketing purposes. . We know that you may already have booking systems in place for customer reservations and that you may use this information for marketing or sales purposes. You must be extremely careful not to use the data you collect for Test and Trace for any purpose other than providing data to the NHS Test and Trace system. It may be better to operate two distinct data collection systems to prevent any mistakes.

  • We have produced a template privacy notice you can download and use if required (*Please note it is just a template and you should ensure you understand your obligations under DPA (data processing agreement) and GDPR (general data protection regulations) notice

Useful information

Detailed advice on all these matters and other issues to consider such as ventilation and Covid 19 adaptations for team games.

For any further help of guidance which cannot be found on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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