Cassiobury Park park update (REOPEN)

We are still working on the damage caused to trees in Cassiobury Park by Wednesday’s storm. Whilst the Park is not closed today (Friday), we have had to close paths and limit access in certain areas.

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Travelling with confidence


Watford Borough Council has created a new ‘quality assurance’ mark for transport operators in Watford. This mark is designed to reassure you that when you use the bus, on demand transport, taxis or minicabs in the town, the right controls are in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

What the mark means

If the mark is displayed it means that the driver and operating company have told us they have taken extra measures to keep you as safe as possible: they have carried out risk assessments on their procedures and they have undergone specialist training to help minimise the risk of infection spread to passengers.

Drivers who display the mark will be expected to demonstrate high levels of cleanliness, infection control and understanding of how to reduce risk to customers. Drivers should be able to explain their individual business risk assessment to you if you ask and they should also explain the ways in which they reduce risk, such as what cleaning products are used and how often.

If you travel in a vehicle showing the Travel With Confidence mark and you are not happy with the standards, you should make a complaint to the council here.

What you need to do if using public transport

It is not possible to eradicate the risk of exposure to coronavirus if you use public transport. Travel operators are doing what they can but users can help too by:

  • Wearing a face covering or mask
  • Trying not to touch buttons or door handles more than necessary – ask the driver if you require help
  • Using hand sanitiser/washing your hands before and after travelling
  • Trying not to touch your face
  • Loading your own bags in to the vehicle but allowing the driver to open the boot.
  • Remembering to maintain social distancing while outside the vehicle
  • Pay using contactless card or pre-paying through an app

Support the businesses who have gone the extra mile

Please look out for the mark on transport providers’ vehicles and support our businesses who have put these measures in place to keep you safe.

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