Electoral Registration Canvasser

Electoral Registration Canvasser (Temporary)

Electoral Services are looking for staff to help with the forthcoming voter registration canvass.

If you are interested please complete and return an application form. For an informal discussion please call 01923 278369 and ask to be put through to Electoral Services regarding working as a canvasser.

Application form

Job description

Every year the Electoral Registration Officer carries out the voter registration canvass of Watford Borough. All residential properties are contacted and asked to notify Electoral Services of any changes in their residency details. The process can be split into three stages:

  1. First deliveries, 6th – 13th August

A single form is delivered by hand to all properties to ask the occupiers/caretaker to confirm if the currently held information is correct.

  1. Canvassing, 10th September – 24th October

The bulk of the voter registration canvass. For those properties which have not responded we are required to send a member of staff to the address to confirm in person if the information we hold is still correct.

  1. Final reminder canvass and deliveries, 29th October – 12th November

For those properties which have still not responded, a final canvass attempt is made. If no answer, a final reminder form is delivered by hand.

The deliveries and canvassing can be carried out at a time suitable to you within the above mentioned dates. Canvassing should be carried out during sociable hours e.g. 9am – 8pm, and when likely to catch residents at home.

This job will require a lot of walking. You should also be comfortable talking to residents on their door steps. Training will be provided in advance as well as some equipment.

The salary is:

  • 18p per form/letter you are given to deliver (average 750 per canvass area)
  • £1.50 per fully completed canvass response you collect (average 150 properties requiring a visit)
  • Bonus payments are applied where you collect an overall percentage response which exceeds 90% (achieved by the majority of canvassers). The bonus will multiply your total earnings for your area and ranges from 11% - 38% extra.
  • Some properties will have extra forms/letters for delivery, paid at 18p.
  • Estimated worktime required for an average canvass area, 40 hours.

Please note that the mentioned estimate and averages above are to give you an approximate idea of what to expect. Watford is a diverse borough and no exact figures can be guaranteed.

Related job opportunities

If you work as a canvasser you will also be contacted first when it comes to other borough wide write outs Electoral Services carries out as well as be contacted to see if you are interested in temporary work on elections.

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