How to register to vote

Under the new system, Electoral registration should now be done online at

Individuals who are unable to complete an online application are still able to complete a paper form, if you prefer, which Watford Borough Council electoral registration office will send on your request.

If you have any queries about the changes you can either access more information from the Electoral Commission's About My Vote website or you can email the local electoral registration service:

If you successfully register before Your details will be changed on
Monday 11 December 2017 Tuesday 3 January 2018
Wednesday 10 January 2018 Thursday 1 February 2018
Wednesday 7 February 2018 Thursday 1 March 2018
Monday12 March 2018 Tuesday 3 April 2017
Tuesday 17 April 2018 Thursday 26 April 2017
Ready for the elections on 3 May 2017
Thursday 10 May 2018

Friday 1st June 2017

Friday 8 June 2018 Monday 2 July 2017
Tuesday 10 July 2018 Wednesday 1 August 2017
Friday 10 August 2018 Monday September 2017
There are no monthly updates to the Register during either October or November 2017
Thursday22 November 2018 Monday 3 December 2017

In addition to making your application either online (or by post), you can provide a copy of any of the items below. Doing so will enable us to process your registration without delay, even if your details are not matched against government records:

  • Your passport
  • UK photo driving licence
  • EEA Identity card
  • UK-issued biometric resident permit or;
  • Northern Ireland electoral ID card

If applying online, you can additionally send scanned images to

This is not essential but will assist electoral services and probably prevent the need for a request for further documentation (necessary for up to 25% of applications made) and ensure that your registration is complete and ready for addition at the next statutory deadline.


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