Business rates for 2020-21

The business rates multiplier for 2020-21

The government sets the business rates multipliers for each financial year for England.

Generally, the multipliers increase in line with inflation according to the Retail Price Index (RPI) in September of the preceding year.


Businesses with a rateable value (RV)
less than £51,000 pa

RV rates for
larger businesses

2020/21 0.499 0.512
2019/20 0.491 0.504
2018/19 0.480 0.493
2017/18 0.466 0.479
2016/17 0.484 0.497
2015/16 0.480 0.493
2014/15 0.471 0.482
2013/14 0.462 0.471
2012/13 0.450 0.458

How we calculate your business rates bill:

The council works out your business rates bill by multiplying the rateable value (RV) of your property by the multiplier. There are two multipliers:

  1. Standard non-domestic rating multiplier, which is 51.2 for 2020/21
  2. Small business non-domestic rating multiplier, which is 49.9 for 2020/21

The standard multiplier is higher to subsidise those businesses which receive small business rate relief. Your RV and the relevant multiplier are shown on the front of your business rates bill.

Calculating your rateable value (RV):

Each non-domestic property has a RV, which is set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). The VOA maintains a full list of RV's.

The RV of your property is shown on your bill, which you receive in mid-March. This broadly represents the potential yearly rent the property could have been let for on the open market on a particular date.

The valuation officer may alter your RV if your circumstances change. The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) can appeal against the value shown in the VOA list if they believe it is wrong.

find out more about the appeals process online or you can call the VOA on 03000 501 501.

Reliefs and discounts:

Find out more about what discounts you may be entitled to receive, such as small business rate relief, discretionary and mandatory rate relief.

You can also email us (please ensure you include your account reference number) and we can send you the relevant application forms.

Paying your business rates:

The easiest and simplest way to pay your business rates is by Direct Debit. You can choose to pay over 10 months or 12 months and you can pay either on the 1st, 15th or 25th of each month.

You can also pay using your online payment facility or using our automated 24 hour payment line on 01923 278989.

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