Universal Credit - full service update

Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council now fall under the full service Universal Credit scheme.

From 6 December 2017 if your postcode is one of those listed below, and you are working age, you need to claim Universal Credit rather than housing benefit. If you do not see your postcode in the list you can still claim Housing Benefit until 24 January 2018 when the remainder of the postcodes in the Watford and Three Rivers area will be transferred into the full service Universal Credit scheme (there are exceptions to the rules, please see below and use the link for claiming Universal Credit).

If you are working aged and live in the following post code areas, in most cases you will need to make a claim for Universal Credit instead of housing benefit from 6 December 2017:

  • WD17 1
  • WD17 2
  • WD17 3
  • WD17 4
  • WD18 0
  • WD18 1
  • WD18 6
  • WD18 7
  • WD18 8
  • WD18 9
  • WD24 4
  • WD24 5
  • WD24 6
  • WD24 7
  • WD25 7

You will still need to claim housing benefit if you live in these post code areas and:

  • You are Pensionable age; or
  • You are living in supported accommodation; or
  • Have three or more children living in your property

If you pay council tax and are on a low income or you are receiving Universal Credit, you can still apply for council tax reduction by clicking on the following link: https://watford.teamnetsol.com/

To make a claim for Universal Credit please apply using the following link: https://www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit

To make a claim for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction, please click on the following link: https://watford.teamnetsol.com/



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