A guide to living in a conservation area

Demolition in a conservation area

Many buildings or structures within a conservation area may not be demolished, either completely or in part, without the council's prior consent in writing.

Generally the demolition of any building larger than 115 cubic meters requires consent; but there are exceptions to this, and it is always best to contact the council to check before undertaking any works.

Demolition of some boundary structures may also require consent.

Where a development proposal involves the total or substantial demolition of any building within a conservation area, a separate application must be made to the council for Conservation Area Consent.

This is in addition to any application for planning permission.

Generally, there is a presumption in favour of retaining buildings and parts of buildings which make a positive contribution to the character or appearance of the conservation area.

The council will not grant consent for demolition until planning permission for the building's replacement has been granted.

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