Watford Local Plan

Watford District Plan 2000 (saved policies)

The Schedule of Saved Policies in the Watford District Plan (post Core Strategy adoption) will continue to be a material consideration when determining planning applications.

Section/Chapter Saved Policy
Watford District Plan 2000 (full document)
Proposals Map
Town Centre Map
Chapter 1: Introduction N/A
Chapter 2: Visions, Principles and Aims N/A
Chapter 3: Sustainable Development

SE7: Waste, storage, recovery and recycling in new development

SE20: Air quality

SE21: Air quality management areas

SE22: Noise

SE23: Light pollution

SE24: Unstable and contaminated land

SE25: Potentially hazardous or polluting development

SE26: Water courses

SE27: Flood prevention

SE28: Groundwater quality

SE36: Replacement trees and hedgerows

SE37: Protection of trees, woodlands and hedgerows

SE39: Tree and hedgerow provision in new development

SE40: Landscape Character Area Assessment

Map: Character Areas
Chapter 4: Movement

T10: Cycle parking standards

T21: Access and servicing

T22: Car parking standards

T24: Residential development

T26: Car free residential development

Map: Transport Plans and Green Routes
Chapter 5: Housing

H9: Back garden development

H10: Planning agreements for education and community facilities

H13: Conversions

H14: Conversion - provision of family sized units

H15: Non residential properties in residential areas

H16: Retention of affordable housing

Chapter 6: Employment

E1: Employment areas

E2: Employment use outside identified employment areas

E5: Environmental considerations

Chapter 7: Shopping

S5: Non retail uses in prime retail frontage

S6: Non retail uses within the Harlequin shopping centre

S7: Secondary retail frontage

S9: Non retail uses in North Watford shopping centre/local shopping frontages

S11: Use class A3 food and drink

S12: Planning conditions for use class A3 food and drink

Chapter 8: Town Centre and Lower High Street


Chapter 9: Leisure and Recreations

L8: Open space provision in housing development

L9: Children's play space

Chapter 10: Community Services

CS3: Loss of community facilities

CS6: Childcare facilities

CS8: Change of use/redevelopment

CS9: Health provision

Chapter 11: Urban Design and Conservation

U15: Buildings of local interest

U17: Setting of conservation areas

U18: Design in conservation areas

U19: Small-scale development in conservation areas

U20: Demolition in conservation areas

U24: Shopfronts

U25: Advertisement and signs

Chapter 12: Implementation, Monitoring and Review  N/A
Map: Historic Character Areas
Appendix 1: Sustainability Statement
Appendix 2: Car and cycle parking standards
Map: Car and cycle standards
Appendix 3: Shops
Appendix 4: Allotments
Appendix 5: Statutory listed buildings
Appendix 6: Locally listed buildings

(Historical) List of Watford District Plan Saved Policies - Secretary of State's Direction (September 2007)

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