Design and conservation

Nationally listed buildings

There a number of nationally listed buildings which are important to the Watford area. Nationally listed buildings are designated by Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in conjunction with Historic England. If you would like to learn more about listed buildings, heritage planning advice, heritage at risk or research, you can visit the Historic England website.

Nationally listed buildings in Watford (2014)

This document provides an overview of buildings that are nationally listed and why these are important for our heritage, both locally and nationally. It also sets out the requirements for a building to be listed, which parts are protected and the implications for developers. Infomration is also available about locally listed buildings.

Watford buildings at risk report (2017)

In protecting Watford's heritage assets, a survey of the condition and occupancy of the Listed Buildings and Monuments in the town is made every 5-6 years. The work is contained in the Buildings at Risk (BAR) Report. This report reviews the restoration work that has been carried out on listed assets and identifies the risks associated with harm and deterioration.

Little Cassiobury House

The council has completed a number of surveys to better understand the historic importance of Little Cassiobury House located on Hempstead Road in Watford. If you would like to find out more about this building and its role in Watford's past, a short history Cassiobury House is available. 

Are you considering alterations or works to a listed building?

To undertake any alterations or building works on a nationally listed building, including internal alterations, you will need to obtain listed building consent from the council.

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