Design and conservation

Locally listed buildings

There are 240 locally listed buildings in Watford. These are chosen for their architectural and historical value. These don't meet the requirements for a national listing, so in order to protect these buildings, we have listed them locally.

Buildings of local interest have been identified and listed in the Watford District Plan 2000 and any development adversely affecting these buildings will be resisted.

Locally listed buildings in Watford (2010)

This document provides an overview of buildings that are listed locally and why these are important for our local heritage. It also sets out the requirements for a building to be listed locally, which parts should be protected and the implications for developers. Information is also available about nationally listed buildings.

Amendments to the Locally Listed Buildings Register

The Urban Design and Conservation Team consulted upon amendments to the Locally Listed Buildings Register in October-Novemebr 2018. The purpose of the review is to correct some small errors within the existing text, remove some entries to the list which have been demolished and to suggest some buildings and structures to be added to the list. 

Thank you to those who responded. Amendments were brought to Cabinet and approved on 11 February 2018.

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