Conservation areas

Conservation areas are chosen by local planning authorities as areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

They may vary in character, form and size from a small group of buildings to a large area of the town, but their designation means that they are worthy of protection as areas of special merit.

When considering new development in conservation areas, the council will expect applicants to submit detailed plans and elevations; they may also be asked to provide additional information to show the likely impact of their proposals on the surrounding areas.

Conservation Areas Management Plan (2013)

The management plan sets out the Council's approach to manage change within designated conservation areas in the borough.

Conservation areas in Watford

Civic Core (2015)

Estcourt (2015)

Grove Mill Lane (2017)

High Street and King Street (2013)

Macdonell Gardens (2012)

Nascot (2015)

Oxhey (2014)

St Mary's (2015)

The Square (2017)

Watford Heath (2013)

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