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Macdonnell Gardens Conservation Area

This character appraisal examines the proposed new conservation area at Macdonnell Gardens and describes why it is an area of special architectural and historical interest. Its purpose is to help inform the design of any future development proposals so that they enhance the area and acknowledge its features.

Macdonnell Gardens was designated as a conservation area by the Watford Borough Council in January 2012.

Macdonnell Gardens Conservation Area

Watford Borough Council is currently reviewing the MacDonnell Gardens Conservation Area Appraisal. The Appraisal details the history of the area and describes the features that contribute towards the its historic interest. A consultation was undertaken from Friday 10 November 2017 to 8 December 2017. This consultation has now closed and the Council are considering changes to the document.

The Macdonnell Gardens development was built in the 1930s for occupation by disabled ex-military officers. This is an unusual form of urban development and one with a strong military history that is manifested in the various related physical features – such as commemorative plaques and flags. The buildings display a strong architectural character with many original features. The historic development is formed around an impressive central green space, lending the Gardens a notable suburban character not found elsewhere in the Borough.

If you wish to view the revised draft Macdonnell Gardens Character Appraisal please click here. A list of changes that have been made to the existing Character Appriasal (2013) is also available. 

Further information is available in the Watford Conservation Areas Management Plan Supplementary Planning Document (2013). This provides guidance about new development in Conservations Areas and how their heritage value will be protected.

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