Christmas recycling

Reduce waste this Christmas

If you're looking to cut back on waste this Christmas follow our top tips:

Present ideas

  • Give an experience such as a spa day, theatre trip, membership or day out
  • Go for an alternative gift such as plant a tree or adopt an animal
  • Give food and drink
  • Limit stocking gifts to something to read, something to do, something to eat and something to play
  • Give the your time instead of a present e.g. offer to babysit for a friend
  • Visit the green gift guide for more ideas

Christmas shopping

  • Don't forget to take your reusable bags, water bottle and coffee cup with you while out and about
  • Buy non-foil wrapping paper so that it can be recycled

Christmas cards

  • Send an e-card instead
  • Once Christmas is over, recycle plain (non-glittery) cards in your blue-lidded bin
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