Waste and recycling for flats - managing agents and landlords

Contaminated recycling bins

We will only collect bins containing the correct materials, bins containing items that can't be recycled will not be emptied.

Contaminated recycling bins become the responsibility of managing agents/landlords to empty - this can be arranged independently or you can pay Veolia to empty and dispose of the waste which will then be treated as general waste - none of the contents are then able to be recycled.

Please help to avoid these issues by educating your residents about which bin to useLeaflets and posters are available to download for you to circulate to residents or can be obtained from Veolia for free. 

We recommend including the waste and recycling service leaflet for all new residents and links to our which bin to use pages within regular resident emails.  watford.gov.uk/whichbin Please refer to our flats - resident education page for more information.

If you would like help and advice as to how to best educate residents please contact the education officer at Veolia. 0203 567 6900

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