No food waste stickers - FAQs

All houses in Watford now have the below 'no food waste' sticker added to their black bin lids.

No Food Waste

To thank residents for recycling ALL food waste, we are giving away a free reusable bag and roll of food caddy liners when a roll of food caddy liners is bought from the Town Hall of the Wiggenhall depot (while stocks last).  Caddy liners are £2.50 for each roll of 52.



Why has this sticker been put on my bin?

Results from a recent trial carried out in Oxhey showed a decrease in the amount of waste was being thrown away in the black bins. The sticker acts as a reminder to residents to use the green-lidded bin for their food waste, currently, food waste makes up around a third of the contents of black bins and it costs more to dispose of than to recycle. Recycling food rather that throwing it away also means it can be turned into compost.

Have you been looking in my bin?

No. All bins in your area now have stickers, We monitor all collected waste but generally not specific households.

Why should I recycle my food?

Recycling in this way is good for the environment and saves money too.

Food and garden waste placed in the green-lidded bin is turned into compost and soil improver, instead of going into landfill.

If food waste goes into the black bin it costs more to get rid of, as well as harming the environment.

Food doesn’t rot down harmlessly in landfill it emits methane a harmful greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than CO2.  

I already recycle my food waste

That’s brilliant and we want you to continue. Not all of our residents do, so the sticker serves as a reminder to all.

All food can be recycled including plate scrapings, meat/fish bones, mouldy bread and fruit/vegetable peelings.

Can I have a new caddy/green-lidded bin?

Yes. You can collect one for free from Wiggenhall Depot on a Thursday afternoon or we can deliver it to you with a £5.50 delivery charge.

I need more liners

We sell biodegradable liners at the Town Hall and Wiggenhall depot - £2.50 for 52 liners. You can buy them from most supermarkets in Watford, including: Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco. Please ensure you use those bearing the seedling logo.

Aren’t we recycling really well already?

We are doing well, but there is always more we can do. Food waste currently makes up over 1/3 of household rubbish bins, so there is lots more we can do. Even those recycling regularly, may be able to do more.

Putting food in my green-lidded bin is a waste as it doesn’t have much in it each week; doesn’t the green bin need to have a lot in it to make it worth collecting?

No, it is still worth us collecting any amount of food even if your green-lidded bin isn’t full. The green bin collection crew have to visit your street on the scheduled collection day anyway so it doesn’t matter if your bin isn’t full, we will still collect it.

No amount is too small, why not start by recycling your tea bags and coffee grounds?

How is my food waste recycled?

Your food and garden waste is recycled locally in Harefield. We use the in-vessel composting method;

  • Composted in a tunnel for 2-4 weeks at warm temperatures
  • Then removed and left to compost for a further 1 – 3 months with regular turning and checking
  • Turned into compost and soil improver

I don’t want to put food in my green bin as it will make it dirty

You can use biodegradable liners or newspaper to contain your food so it doesn’t leak and make your bin dirty.

I don’t want to get maggots

Flies lay their eggs onto a food source, so if the flies can’t get into contact with your food waste, you won’t get maggots. 

Some tips to stop maggots;

  • Wrap your food waste before putting it into the green-lidded bin
  • Bury food waste below garden waste
  • Keep your bin out of direct sunlight
  • Keep the bin lid shut at all times
  • If you use a kitchen caddy to store your food inside, keep the lid of this shut too
  • Rinse out your bin regularly with boiling water and salt.

I think putting food into my green bin isn't hygienic and I want to use my black bin

Using your green-lidded bin is no less hygienic than using your black bin. If you are really concerned about leaving it there for two weeks please try using the green bin for the week leading up to your collection.

It is easier to put food waste in my normal bin bag in the house

Why not try it for a month and see if you can make it part of your daily routine. If you use a kitchen caddy you can just as easily scrape food into your caddy and when you take your usual bin bag out just take your food in a biodegradable bag out at the same time.

Why don’t you collect my green-lidded bin weekly?

We currently provide weekly black bin refuse and weekly blue-lidded bin recycling services. Weekly collection services are expensive to provide however we are constantly looking at future service provisions.

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