Waste and recycling for flats - residents

Contaminated recycling bins

Please do not put the wrong items into the recycling bin, if you do this it is classed as contamination and could result in your bin not being emptied. 

If recycling bins are contaminated landlords/managing agents/owners will be charged for Veolia to return to empty them and dispose of as general waste (nothing is able to be recycled) or will be required to arrange alternative collection methods. 

Landlords and managing agents are likely to pass this charge onto residents as they are the owners of the waste. Regular recycling bin collections will not continue until the contaminated items (items which aren't on our list of accepted recycling) have been removed from the recycling bins.

Some common items found contaminating recycling bins are (but not limited to);

Carrier bags
Garden furniture and plastics
Garden waste

If you find a recycling bin has not been emptied please either inform your landlord/managing agent/flat owner and ask them to contact the councils partner Veolia 0203 567 6900 or contact Veolia with your landlord/managing agent/flat owners details.

If you notice other residents not using the bins correctly please also contact your landlord/managing agent/flat owner as their miss use will affect you.

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