Waste and recycling for flats - residents

Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

These are the most common reasons communal bins are not emptied

  • Contaminated recycling bins - this is where the wrong items have been put into the recycling bin (blue lidded) Items such as nappies, plastic bags and food.  Please refer to our full list of what can go into the recycling bin
  • Contaminated general waste bins - this is where items we do not collect are put into the general waste bin (black lidded).  Items such as builders waste and soil.  Please refer to our full list of what can go into the general waste bin
  • Dumping in and around the bin store - large items and excess waste dumped around the bins can cause an obstruction and mean that waste collectors aren't able to access your bins to empty them
  • Access to bin stores and access to roads leading to bins stores can be blocked due to cars incorrectly parked.

Be aware we do not return to empty contaminated bins and do not clear bin stores.  These will need to be paid to be emptied or cleared by the managing agent.  If you notice your bin hasn't been emptied (this will be indicated with a sticker) please ask your managing agent/landlord to contact Veolia on 0203 567 6900.  Alternatively please contact Veolia yourself and provide your managing agent/landlords contact details.

Please ensure you aren't putting the wrong items in the wrong bins and that the bin store area is kept clear. Please take responsibility for your own waste and dispose of correctly.


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