Waste and recycling for flats - residents

This page focuses on waste and recycling for purpose built flats

The majority of these flats will have bins in a communal spot either outside or in a bin store

These areas usually contain the following bins;

  • Large white bins with blue lids - for recycling.  Ensure you only include materials we are able to recycle.  No carrier bags please.
  • Large white bins with black lids - For general waste.  Ensure you only include general waste.  Please recycle where you can.
  • Smaller green bins - for garden and food waste.  Ensure you are only including the correct green waste items in this bin.  If you don't currently have green bins and would like to participate in recycling your garden and food waste, please contact your managing agent and they can arrange this with Veolia.

See our leaflet for the full waste and recycling instructions for flats

If there is no room in the correct bins please do not leave your rubbish and recycling on the floor in the bin store or around the bins, this is classed as dumping/flytipping and will not be collected. Please be aware your waste is your responsibility and you must ensure it is disposed of correctly.

Please do not put the wrong items into the recycling bin, if you do this it is classed as contamination and will result in your bin not being emptied. 



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