Top tips to stop smelly bins

Most of the nasty smells in your bin originate from food waste. All food waste can be recycled in your green-lidded bin, which is collected fortnightly. Some residents have concerns over smells and maggots from food waste, this has no implications to human health but can be unpleasant.

Flies lay their eggs onto a food source, so if the flies can’t get into contact with your food waste, you won’t get maggots.

You can use these top tips to help keep smells and maggots to a minimum.

  • Wrap your food waste before putting it in the green bin. For this you can use either compostable liners, kitchen towel or newspaper. Flies lay their eggs in a food source so if all food is securely wrapped then this won’t be possible, meaning you’re less likely to find maggots.
  • Bury your food waste beneath the garden waste. If food waste is wrapped and placed under the garden waste then this will contain the smell and be less likely to attract flies. It will also prevent the flies from getting to the food source to lay their eggs.
  • Keep your bin out of direct sunlight. This will slow down the decomposition of the food and so reduce smells.
  • Keep the lid of the bin shut at all times. If the lid is kept closed then flies can’t get in to lay their eggs, so you will be less likely to find maggots.
  • If you use a kitchen caddy to store your food waste, keep the lid of this shut too. This also prevents flies from landing on it to lay their eggs.
  • Rinse out your bin regularly with boiling water and salt. If you do find maggots in your bin, most of these will disappear when we empty your bin. If you still find a few left behind then a mix of boiling water and salt will kill any that remain.
  • In hot weather, if you are particularly concerned, use your green bin on the week it is going to be collected and your black bin on the alternate week.

Please keep pets away from food waste and your green bins.

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