Waste and recycling bin allocation, storage and collection guidance - new developments and conversions

Alternative waste management options

Generation of waste from new large scale developments will have an impact on local environment and will place additional burden on collection, treatment and disposal infrastructure in Watford and Hertfordshire. 

Watford Borough Council will expect to see a detailed plan/strategy all new large scale sites explaining how household and commercial waste will be managed across the whole development.

For larger developments and particularly those comprising buildings of several storeys Watford Borough Council strongly recommends that alternative waste technologies are investigated.  The use of such technologies can significantly reduce the space required for   traditional methods of on-site storage, which for large numbers of properties could impact on land set aside for car parking and commercial units.  New technologies can help to minimise noise, disruption and can help new developments achieve a higher environmental standard.

There are a number of existing and proposed technology options for managing and treating waste on site.  Developers are encouraged to ensure that all appropriate options have been investigated and should consider the potential of trial projects as a means of attracting external funding to assist with initial capital costs. 

Some examples of new technologies described below:


Sustainable Vacuum Waste Collection System

Micro-CHP (Combined Heat & Power)

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