Waste and recycling bin allocation, storage and collection guidance - new developments and conversions

Bin allocation, storage and collection access - Flats 6 or more


Developers should refer to Bin allocation and collection frequency information to work out the correct capacity required for the development.  All developments are required to ensure that residents have access to the waste and recycling bins.  The calculations for recycling and waste are based on an allocation of 140 litres per flat and at least 20 litres per flat for food waste.

Bin Storage

All developments of purpose built flats must provide a dedicated storage area for the required number of bins for all waste streams, check Container types and dimensions. The storage areas must include the following:

  • All enclosures and storage areas should be located within the boundary of the development and be easily accessible to residents and for collections.
  • Sufficient clearance provided to allow full opening of a container lid.
  • 300mm clear space between and around containers, each bin accessible and manoeuvrable.
  • Minimum working headroom of at least 2m (where bin store is covered).
  • Secure the bin store using key pad access system or similar locking device.  To prevent access from non-residents and discourage dumping of large household items.
  • There should be a minimum clearance of 500mm width through any doorway over and above the bin size.
  • Consideration should be made for the provision of "Keep Clear" markings in front of bin stores and at the designated vehicle/access loading point to ensure accessibility for collections.
  • Clear flat access without steps and other obstacles should be provided between bin stores and the nearest point of access for the collection vehicle.
  • Installation of a dropped kerbs where necessary to allow safe manoeuvre of bins.
  • Where it is necessary for the collection crew to move bins from the bins storage areas to tip they should not have to move the container more than 25m.
  • An area for signage showing residents how to separate their waste should be clearly displayed.
  • Adequate lighting in the bin store area.
  • For developments with several bin stores, bin stores should be clearly labelled with which flats each bin store serves.  

Collection Access

  • Waste collection will not commence until road surfaces are complete to base layer and access is unhindered by ongoing construction work.
  • Roads and parking areas should be laid out to ensure unblocked access for the collection vehicles and crew.
  • Collection vehicles must not need to revers into or from the highway for collection.
  • Sufficient turning circles provided if manoeuvring onsite is required (requires vehicle tracking on site plans). Download the vehicle specifications here.
  • Pathways adjacent to bin stores of sufficient width for fully accommodate and manoeuvre the bins.
  • Bins should be on ground level for collection.
  • Slopes should be avoided, please consider this in response to bin storage in underground car parks.
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