Waste and recycling bin allocation, storage and collection guidance - new developments and conversions

Alternative waste management options - Vacuum Waste Collection System

Vacuum chute systems create a vacuum to draw materials to a central location meaning that instead of collecting materials from multiple different areas the collection vehicle only has to visit one location.

In the Envac system sacks of waste dry recyclable materials or food waste are put into separate chute apertures and are temporarily stored in the chute on top of a discharge valve. At regular intervals a control system automatically switches on fans which create a vacuum in the network of pipes.  Discharge valves below each of the chutes are opened and sacks fall by gravity into a horizontal network of pipes. The three material streams are vacuumed at separate times of the day ensuring materials are kept separate and only one system of pipes needs to be laid.  The vacuum that has been created pulls sacks to a central collection point via a pre-filter that separates the sacks from the air.  Sacks fall into a compactor while the transport air passes through a silencer and dust and deodorant filters.

Waste and recyclable materials are handled via a vacuum system with underground storage.  Users throw their waste into accessible inlets  for several different kinds of waste all of which are emptied via one pipe (indoors or outside).  Digital technology allows information to be stored on individual units connected which allows the quantity and type of waste and time to be recorded. 

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