Additional green bins

Terms and Conditions

Delivery to the Customer and emptying of an extra green Bin for garden waste

Terms and Conditions of Watford Borough Council (‘the Council’)

The Council’s obligations:


  • The Council will deliver to the Customer an extra green bin (‘the Bin’) requested for the garden waste removal service (‘the Service’) together with an official sticker.
  • The Bin will be delivered together with the official sticker following payment for the Service and for the delivery of the Bin.
  • For Customers who already have a second Bin, the sticker will be delivered upon demand following payment for the Service.
  • The Bin will be delivered within 14 days following the order being received together with the payment

Bin collection and emptying

  • The Bin will be emptied fortnightly at the same time as the first green bin and in line with the collection calendar. The Customer can check the next collection date online
  • Where the collection falls on a Bank Holiday or Public Holiday, the Bin may be emptied on an alternative day scheduled or advised.
  • All reasonable effort to empty the Bin will be made in adverse weather conditions. However, the Council reserves the right to suspend the Service during periods of adverse weather conditions (including but not limited to freezing conditions where the contents of the Bins can become frozen solid and cannot be emptied) and in force majeure circumstances. Where the Council cannot collect the bins for these reasons, it will not return until the next scheduled collection date.
  • Should the collection of a correctly presented Bin be missed, the missed bin will be collected by the end of the next working day (upon the notification by the Customer within 24 hours from the Collection Time). If not notified by the Customer in accordance with this agreement, the bin will not be collected until the next scheduled collection date.

The Customer’s obligations:


  • The Customer shall pay the agreed charge for the service in accordance with the Payment Provisions.


  • The Customer shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Bin.

Change and Replacement

  • The Customer may not replace or change the Bin in any way.
  • This service is non-transferable. The Customer shall not pass their Bin or their sticker to another resident


  • The Customer shall not use the Bin for any items other than listed below:
    • Animal bedding (from small animals like Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs)
    • Pruning’s and leaves
    • Christmas trees (real)
    • Garden waste - All garden waste (grass, leaves, hedge clippings, bark, twigs, plants, windfall fruit etc.)
  • The Customer shall not put raw or cooked food in the Bin. All food waste shall be put in the first green bin for which a free service has been provided.
  • The Bin will not be collected if it contains items which are not listed above.
  • If the Bin has not been collected, the Council will leave a tag on the Bin advising the Customer of the materials that can and cannot be placed in the Bin.
  • The Customer shall remove any incorrect items before the next scheduled collection.
  • The Council reserves the right to suspend or cancel collection without a refund if the Customer has placed incorrect items in the Bin.

Presentation of the Bin

  • The Bin shall be correctly presented as detailed below failing which the Council will not collect the Bin and will provide no refund to the Customer.
  • The Bin shall be presented on the property boundary by 6am (‘the Collection Time’) on the scheduled collection day or any replacement collection date. If the Customer has missed the collection time, the Council will not return to empty the Bin until the next scheduled collection day.
  • The bins must be put out with a closed lid. The Council reserves the right to cancel the service to the Customer should they fail to present the Bin with a closed lid.
  • The Bin must have an official sticker displayed clearly on the body of the Bin not covering any existing logos. The Council will not collect the Bin without the official sticker.
  • The Bin shall not be filled to a weight as to make the moving or emptying process hazardous to the Council’s operatives.  The Council will not collect the Bins which are too heavy for safe handling and/or cannot be lifted safely by the collection vehicle. The Customer is responsible for removing heavy articles for the next scheduled collection date. The Council reserves the right to suspend or cancel collection if the bin is persistently presented overweight

Change of address

  • The Customer can take their additional stickered green Bin with them in case of moving home within Watford Borough. They cannot take any other bins and must leave them at the property from which they are moving.  The Customer shall contact the Councils contractor   within 5 days of moving and let the Council know their new address for the Service at  
  • Where the Customer moves outside of Watford Borough, they shall not take the Bin and the sticker with them and shall inform the Councils contractor so that the Service can be cancelled. No refund will be paid to the Customer for the remaining term.
  • The Customer moving out of the borough shall not pass their sticker to another person or household.

Payment Provisions

Bin emptying

  • The annual service charge for emptying the Bin, disposal of waste and hire of the bin is for the period from 1 August to 30 June.  The prices are subject to an annual increase and are available in the pricing section of the additional green bins information on the Watford Council website.
  • Applications for the service made after 1 June will not commence until the 1 August and will run until 30 June the following year


  • There is a charge for the delivery of the Bin(s) to the property. The prices are subject to an annual increase and are available in the pricing section of the additional green bins information on the Watford Council website.
  • The delivery charge is per delivery of up to 6 bins and payable in advance
  • Delivery of the stickers is free of charge.

Extra additional Bins

  • The customer can order up to 6 additional bins as part of one or several orders.
  • The delivery charge applies to each order of bins.
  • The service charge applies to each additional bin.

Lost bins and replacement

  • If the Bin is missing, lost or in need of replacement the Customer shall either pay a delivery charge or collect the bin free of charge on a Thursday from Wiggenhall Depot upon calling 020 3567 6900.

Missed Collection

  • Where the correctly presented bin has not been collected and emptied, the Customer shall notify Veolia of the missed collection within 24 hours from the Collection Time to enable Veolia to collect such missed Bin by the end of the next working day.

Duration, cancellation and renewal

Commencement of the Agreement

  • The Service Commencement Date is 14 days from sign up to the service and payment.

     The service period and the service fee (subject to any discount below) runs from 1st August to 30 June regardless of the sign up date

Renewal and cancellation

  • The service can be renewed annually for 12 months commencing on 1st August
  • As an exception the 2019-2020 service year runs for 11 months
  • The Council will notify the Customer annually before 15th June of the renewal of the Service, any increases in fees and prices and remind the Customer of their right to cancel a direct debit
  • If the Customer does not wish to renew the Service, they can cancel the direct debit by 1st July of the year for which the Service is to be renewed.
  • Once the Customer has paid for the Service, they still have 14 days to cancel the Service.  After that period the Council will NOT refund the annual payment for the Service even if the Customer no longer requires the Service.
  • Delivery charge is non-refundable.


  • Payment shall be made annually in advance on-line:
  • by direct debit, or
  • by debit or credit card
  • The Council reserves its right to and may increase the charge for the Service in accordance with the prices available on the Watford Council website
  • If payment has not been received by 15th July, the Service will no longer be provided until a payment is made.
  • If the Customer has signed up for a direct debit, payment will be taken annually and automatically on or around 14thJuly prior to the Service or renewed Service Commencement Date.


  • The Council will apply a £5 discount if the Customer is in receipt of Council Tax benefit or Housing Benefit. The Council holds data on whether the Customer is in receipt of Council Tax benefit or Housing Benefit and will automatically check if the Customer is in receipt of those benefits for the purpose of the £5 discount.
  • Any customers who sign up after the 1st June will start collections from 1st August for the following 12 months. (with the exception of the 19/20 year which will run for 11 months)


  • Personal Details provided will only be used for the sole purpose of informing you about additional green bin services.
  • See our full privacy notice for more information


Those customers who have no access to the Council’s website can either come into the customer service centre at the Town Hall or call for assistance on 0203 567 6900

The Bin remains the property of the Council all times. 

The Council will not collect any waste which is not contained in the Bin and is placed next to or on top of the Bin.

The Council will only collect the Bin at the properties registered for the Service.

If the Customer has only paid for one additional Bin at a property and has presented several additional green bins for collection, the Council will only empty waste from one additional Bin (in addition to the free green bin.)

A new, different coloured sticker will be issued each year once payment is received from the Customer.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions

By signing up to this service the customer accepts these terms and conditions.

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