Additional green bins

Why is there a charge?

Since Tuesday 1 August 2017 an annual fee has been charged for all additional green bins. These bins are for garden waste only.

Like all local authorities, we need to manage our budgets very carefully over the next few years. Central government has cut the money it once gave us to help provide local services and we will have £3m less to spend by 2020.  We now need to look at new ways to find the revenue to provide vital local services.

To help fill this budget gap, many councils now charge residents for all their garden waste collections. Following a consultation in 2016 we are only charging an annual fee for additional green bins for garden waste.  This means the first (or only) green bin has no additional charge, any extra bins (additional green bins) will have a charge.

If you would like your additional green bins to be emptied please register online and pay.

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