Additional green bins

Additional green bins charging - collections


Collections will be fortnightly at the same time and from the same place as your first green bin.

Additional green bins are for garden waste only (please put food waste in your first green bin). Bins containing the wrong items will not be emptied.

A great alternative to using the green bin is home composting.  Find out more about home composting and how to get a discounted rate when purchasing a compost bin through

Please note bins which are too heavy will not be able to be emptied.  This is due to the equipment we use not being able to lift bins which are too heavy causing health and safety issues for our staff.  The weight limit is approximately 30kg but will be assessed manually by the collection crew. 95% of the time a full green bin would not weigh more than this, however when garden waste gets wet, is overly compacted or contains heavier items such as lots of food,  it can get too heavy.


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