Additional green bins

Additional green bins charging - pricing

Additional green bins for garden waste can be ordered for £35 a year.  The year runs from 1 August 2017 - 31 July 2018. This fee is reduced to half price - £17.50 for a 6 monthly service from 1st Feb 2018. 

Any new orders between 1 June 2018 and 31 July 2018 will not start the service until 1 August 2018 to ensure a full years service is available. The price returns to £35 from 1st June 2018 payable for the 12 months from 1st August 2018  - 31st July 2019

Please register online and pay the annual fee per bin.  You are able to order up to 6 additional green bins.

Your first green bin which is provided through our regular service to households is not affected by this charge and should continue to include your garden and food waste combined.


  • The collection year runs from 1 August - 31 July (1 year)
  • First (or only) bin - no charge - for food and garden waste combined
  • Each additional bin charged at £35 per year - for garden waste only
  • You can have up to 6 additional green bins
  • Delivery of additional green bins is £5.50 per delivery (not per bin)
  • A £5 discount per bin is available to those who are receiving council related benefits and can provide a relevant reference number
  • A 50% discount is given to residents who sign up between 1 February 2018 and 31 May 2018 (half year service)
  • If you register for additional green bins in the last 2 months of the collection year (June and July 2018) your service will start from 1 August 2018 to ensure you receive a full year for the £35 charge
  • Payment is made once a year and in full
  • Payments are non refundable, please see our full terms and conditions for details
A great alternative to using the green bin is home composting.  Find out more about home composting and how to get a discounted rate when purchasing a compost bin through
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