Kitchen caddy and biodegradable liners

Recycling your food waste has never been easier!

Watford Borough Council's partner Veolia have delivered kitchen caddies and biodegradable liners to all houses in the town to make recycling food waste that little bit easier. If you live in a flat and would like to take part in the scheme, please email

Once you receive your new caddy with biodegradable liners, please follow the steps below. Or please feel free to continue to use your own caddy!

1. Store your kitchen caddy inside with one of the biodegradable liners and fill with all of your food waste.

2. Whenever you need to empty your caddy, tie the top and put the contents into your green-lidded bin.

3. Put your green-lidded bin out for collection by 6am every fortnight on your collection day




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In regards to issues concerning mould in bins, we recommend residents use the biodegradable bags in their caddy, this contains the food and will mean the caddy doesn't harbour as much mould as it would if not used.

The caddies we provide are for use in the house and we describe them as kitchen caddies.  Their purpose is for residents to contain all of their food waste in them whilst in the house and for them to be emptied regularly putting the biodegradable sacks of food waste directly into their green bins.

The caddy is not to be left outside and food waste isn't collected on the street via a food caddy, we only collect from the green bins.

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