Our vision, values and priorities

All successful organisations have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. This vision sets out the organisation’s direction, defines its priorities and guides its actions, whilst making sure that it is constantly striving to improve the services it provides in line with local priorities and financial constraints.

Watford's vision is to create a bold and progressive future for Watford.

The vision sets us two challenges – about the sort of place we want Watford to be and about the sort of organisation we need to be to make this vision a reality.

We have an ambitious agenda for Watford. To make sure we are best placed to deliver this agenda we have ensured that our corporate priorities provide the right framework and direction for the organisation. We need to ensure they clearly represent what we see as our main areas for focus and what we aim to achieve by 2020 so that we meet the challenges of our corporate vision.

Our five corporate priorities, we believe, reflect our aims, clearly set out what we want to achieve for Watford as well as how we will continue to improve the way we work as an organisation.

  • Identify ways to manage the Borough's housing needs
  • Champion smart growth and economic prosperity
  • Provide for our vulnerable and disadvantaged communities
  • Deliver a digital Watford to empower our community
  • Secure our own financial future

To underpin what we do and how we approach our work, we have two values that clearly show what type of organisation we are and the way we want our staff to work:

  • BOLD: We work as a team and we make things happen
  • PROGRESSIVE: We are ambitious, we are innovative and we are welcoming


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