Watford Market

Trader Profiles

Scarves City: I’m Mr Singh and I have been running Scarves City for 10 years. I enjoy running a small business so I can be my own boss, meet different people, help other traders and my customers. Here at Watford Market we help each other out and I’d like to encourage you to support your local small businesses.“

Korean Cup-Bap: "I’m Joshua and I’ve been running Korean Cup-Bap for three and a half years here in Watford Market and around other markets in London. Being a small business owner gives me great potential to settle into a business without huge risks, allowing us to be open to new challenges and cope with changing market demands. It also allows me to work closely with staff members and customers, meaning we are always in touch with feedback from our valued customers, a valuable benefit of small business. The best part about operating a small business in Watford Market is being able to encounter customers every day, whether they are a regular or just passing by! We also have a community among the other traders, so if you love meeting new people, Watford Market will suit you! Please continue to enjoy our delicious Korean flavours and continue to support us - so that one day we will have a proper Korean restaurant in Watford.”

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