Gaming Machines

Gaming machines

You must obtain a permit if you want to provide gaming machines on your premises. You do not need a permit for machines which are purely skill based, such as quiz machines. Your supplier can advise if you need a permit. The Gambling Commission also have guidance notes and leaflets on when you need a licence.

You should read our gambling policy before applying.

You can apply for a club gaming machine permit if you:

  • are a club with at least 25 members
  • only allow members to use the club 48 hours after they have been granted membership
  • are not just run for gaming or gambling
  • are not used by children
  • have not had a permit cancelled within the last 10 years

Applications must be copied to the Gambling Commission and the Police as responsible authorities. A completed application form and the fee are submitted to the licensing authority.

Permits last for 10 years, unless you hold a Club Premises Certificate which allows you to request that your permit never expires.

If you can sell alcohol for consumption on your premises, you can either apply for permission to provide up to two machines or more than two machines on your premises. You use the same application form, but complete different sections depending upon how many machines you want. The fee you pay also depends on the number of machines requested. The application form, relevant fee, and a plan showing the location of the machines, are submitted to the licensing authority.

  • Requests for up to two machines will be processed within five working days.
  • A club gaming machine permit, or a request for more than two machines, will be processed within 28 days.
  • If there are any objections, a hearing will be arranged within 20 working days of the consultation closing.
  • A request for up to two machines is valid if you have not heard from us within five working days.
  • A club gaming machine permit, or request for more than two machines, is considered granted if you have not heard from us within 28 days.

You can appeal against a decision to refuse a permit, cancel a permit, or to grant a permit for fewer machines than requested, to the magistrates’ court within 21 days of the decision.

Permit holders must notify the council if they change the name of the premises, the name or address of the permit holder, or if they need a replacement permit.

If you are buying a premises with more than two gaming machines you must apply to transfer that permit to you or your company. You can use the normal application form to apply for a transfer. You cannot transfer a club gaming machine permit or a permission for up to two machines.

It is not possible to object against gaming machine applications. Most complaints against machines should be addressed to the premises where the machine is located. Complaints about premises allowing under 18s to play on machines can be directed to the council.


  • Permission for up to two machines costs £50.
  • Permission for more than two machines costs £150.
  • Club gaming machine permit costs £200.
  • A variation costs £100.
  • A transfer costs £25.
  • A change of name or address costs £25.
  • A replacement permit costs £15.
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