Parking and suspensions for tradespeople

Parking dispensations for tradespeople

If you have some building work being carried out and your tradesmen need to park close to your property in an area that is otherwise restricted, you will need to apply for a dispensation.

A dispensation is a temporary permit which will allow a vehicle to be parked in a location where they would not normally be allowed. The exact location must be agreed with the council in advance.

Dispensations cost £20 per vehicle per day and can be issued for a maximum of three weeks. Payment is not refundable in the event a dispensation is no longer required for the date of issue after payment has been processed. A new application must be submitted which will be subject to further charges.

To apply for a dispensation you will need to make an application through the permit online module. Please note dispensation applications must be submitted 3 working days in advance of the date the dispensation is required. This is to allow a sufficient period for the application to be approved and the dispensation to be paid through the customers permit account.


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