Parking and suspensions for tradespeople

Frequently asked questions

I am moving house. Do I require a dispensation for the removal vehicle?

Vehicles being used to continuously load and unload have an exemption to yellow line and bay restrictions. As a result, a dispensation will not be required providing that there is no break in the loading activity. The only exception to this would be if a loading restriction was in force. These are indicated by yellow markings on the side of the kerb (a single marking represents a part-time loading restriction during the hours shown on the adjacent signage and a double marking represents a full time loading restriction). A dispensation request can be made through an on-line application.

Do my tradesmen have to apply for and display a dispensation?

Vehicles are not permitted to park in marked permit bays during the operational hours of the zone unless a permit, visitor voucher or dispensation is clearly displayed. Tradesmen cannot apply for permits, which are restricted to residents only, but you can allow them to use some visitor vouchers whilst the work is taking place, rather than apply for a dispensation. However, residents are reminded that visitor vouchers are limited to each household and this limit will not be extended once reached.

Why do we require a 10 working day notice period prior to the suspension of bays?

Bay suspensions will only be authorised once they have been assessed by a council officer and this may require a site visit. If a suspension is approved, the council is required to provide sufficient notice to residents and businesses of the suspension coming into to effect to enable them to make alternative arrangements.

What information should I provide the council with when applying for a bay suspension?

Applicants should ensure that they provide their full name, address and contact telephone number as well as the purpose of the suspension, the dates of the suspension, the times of the suspension and the exact location of the bays which they wish to suspend. A suspension request can be made through an on-line application.



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