Exempted properties

Not all properties situated within the boundaries of the Controlled Parking Zone have an automatic permit entitlement.

New developments or house conversions will commonly be exempted from the scheme. Meaning that residents of the property, will not be able to purchase either resident parking permits or visitor vouchers. Or the total number of permits or vouchers is limited. This is because existing residents will often object to developments on the basis of the added pressure on already limited parking and so this policy seeks to mitigate these issues. The exemptions for each property are underpinned by a legally binding uni-lateral undertaking which is also reflected in the scheme's governing Traffic Regulation Order.

Any new residents moving into a property within the Controlled Parking Zone are advised to check their permit eligibility by contacting the Parking Service on 01923 278890 or, by email, to parkingservices@watford.gov.uk

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