How can I become a councillor

FAQs about being a councillor

Will I receive any training?

There is an induction programme for all newly elected councillors. During the programme you will receive an overview of the council from officers and will be given a tour of the town hall and other key sites.

During the year, there is an ongoing training programme as well as mandatory training for committees such as development management and licensing. All councillors are encouraged to attend regular code of conduct training (the code of conduct for councillors is part of the council's constitution).

Can I specialise in areas of interest?

As a councillor, your constituents will look to you to have a wide ranging knowledge of the council, town and associated organisations, such as Hertfordshire County Council. But there may be scope for you to develop specialisations on topics which interest you within your political group. There are many working groups, panels and other meetings to attend, as well as briefings on certain relevant topics.

Your political group will be able to advise you on how you might be able to pursue this. It is still important to keep up with council issues generally on behalf of your residents.

Do I need knowledge of computers?

Most information is sent out to councillors using email and posted on the website. Councillors are encouraged to check their emails regularly. Some knowledge of the internet and email would be useful but training can be provided. Many residents also contact councillors via email. It is possible to download public agendas to a tablet or smart phone.

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