How can I become a councillor

Will I be paid as a councillor?

Councillors do not receive a salary (apart from the elected Mayor because of the demanding full-time nature of the role). Each councillor receives a basic annual allowance of £7,209. If you have a position of responsibility (for example chair of a committee) you may receive an additional Special Responsibility Allowance. A table of all the allowances is available on the website.

The allowance is designed to cover your expenses as a councillor, such as postage, telephone calls, and mileage within the borough. It is also for expenses for the care of dependents whilst you are at meetings, and compensation for any time you have to take off work for council business or time spent on council duties generally.

You may claim travel and subsistence for official duties outside the borough. These could include attending meetings at other councils in your role as a councillor, or going to training and conferences.

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