How can I become a councillor

What you need to know

People become councillors for many reasons, including:

  • to represent their community
  • raise an issue they feel passionate about
  • follow political ambitions
  • use their skills to help shape the future of the council

Councillors, also known as elected members, can come from many different backgrounds. In fact, it is best if councillors are diverse so that they represent the community they are elected to serve. No formal qualifications are required.

To be eligible to stand for election:

  • you must be over 18
  • you must be a UK, EU or Commonwealth citizen
  • you must have been registered to vote in, or have either worked or lived in, the borough for at least 12 months

It is not necessary to belong to a political party, although the majority of people become councillors through this route. Some people stand as an independent councillor, separate from the political parties.

There are currently 36 Watford councillors and an elected Mayor.

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