Chairman's charities

The Chairman's theme is Supporting Mental Health, Well Being and Inclusiveness. His chosen charities are Signpost and Guideposts Trust.

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Signpost' s objective is 'Helping to empower young people'.

The charity provides counselling, coaching and other support to help young people living in South and West Hertfordshire overcome problems in their lives. In 2017 they helped nearly 500 young people.

The most common difficulties faced by young people are:

  • Problems with relationships in the home and at school
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Identity issues to do with gender, ethnicity or sexuality
  • Coping with the impact of abuse, both physical and emotional
  • Low self-esteem

What Signpost offers:

'We are different from many providers because we use private but easy-to-get-to premises, our appointments are mostly outside of school/work hours, we are independent from  the adults in your life (except for when you want us to include them or we have to tell them something to keep you safe), and, whenever possible, we respond to your needs on your terms.  Our services differ according to your age:

  • When we have funding, 11-12 year-olds can join one of our groups, such as 'Dealing with Feelings' group
  • 13-18 year-olds who are unable to access support from their School, GP or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services can receive 12 sessions of free counselling or coaching.  If your needs are really serious we may agree form you to progress to longer-term counselling for young people with enduring or recurring difficulties.  There may be a wait and you are unlikely to see the same counsellor.
  • 19-24 year-olds who are not eligible to access Adult Mental Health Services can receive on-going counselling, but there is a charge of £8-£25 depending on earnings'

Signpost website

Guideposts Trust

'All of our projects exist to help the people we support to be an integral part of their community; giving them a chance to achieve their aspirations, take part in meaningful activities, develop supportive connections and friendship, access training and develop a range of skills. We also work to ensure that carers have access to the support they need'.

Guideposts' vision is 'of a society where all people are valued and have equality of opportunity'.

Guideposts exists to provide services to meet individual needs so that each person has the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and maximise their potential. They seek to achieve excellence in their work and lead the way in researching, delivering and disseminating good practice.

'Put simply: we are Here for You and will continue to strive to be here for you and your family in more meaningful and personalised ways in the future.'

Guideposts' Mission

'To deliver our vision Guideposts' mission is to:-

Break Barriers - within society caused by misperceptions, prejudice, oversight or lack of provision.

Build Bridges - with essential information, resource, services and therapeutic approaches to help people manage their needs and connect with their communities.

Create Connections so people have the opportunity to enjoy independence in all aspects of their lives - home, families, friends, leisure, learning and work so they can be an active member of society.'

The charity achieves its mission by delivering a range of information, advice and guidance and community based services which are person centred and designed to promote independence, wellbeing, quality of life and delay the need for intensive interventions.

Guideposts' Services

Information, advice and guidance services - providing signposting to people with long-term health conditions, carers and healthcare professionals predominantly focusing on Dementia via the 'HERE First' service.

Carers services - providing local authority contracted carers emergency schemes and carers support services.

National equipment and advice centre - a centre promoting independence for older people living with Dementia and younger people with long-term condition - the Mi-Life Centres work in collaboration with the 'HERE First' service to support independent living in peoples own homes.

Community Opportunities supporting people with a range of long-term health conditions and disabilities, their carers and families, through a range of interventions and therapies aimed at achieving:

Physical and mental wellbeing

Building friendships, relationships and connections in their local communities.

Learning and developing new skills.

Guideposts website


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