What does the Chairman do?

Chairman's engagements

Chairman Cllr. Jagtar Singh Dhindsa

This page sets out the engagements for the Chairman of Watford Borough Council.

For further details about engagements please email legalanddemocratic@watford.gov.uk

There are no engagements for the week commencing Monday 19 March 2018.

Under the ‘Purdah’ regulations (Local Government Act 1986, section 2) governing council publicity to councillors during election time, there is a restriction on proactive publicity relating to candidates or councillors involved directly in the elections. From 19 March 2018 no civic engagements will be arranged for the Chairman, nor will any details be published here until after the date of the local and Mayoral elections on 3 May 2018.




Monday 19 March


No engagements.
Tuesday 20 March   No engagements.

Wednesday 21 March


No engagements.

Thursday 22 March


No engagements.

Friday 23 March


No engagements.

Saturday 24 March


No engagements.

 Sunday 25 March


No engagements.

The Chairman of Watford Borough Council for 2017/18 is Councillor Jagtar Singh Dhindsa

The Vice Chairman of Watford Borough Council for 2017/18 is Councillor Rabi Martins

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