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Chairman's engagements

Chairman Cllr. Rabi Martins
Chairman Cllr. Rabi Martins

This page sets out the engagements for the Chairman of Watford Borough Council.

For further details about engagements please email legalanddemocratic@watford.gov.uk

Below are the engagements from Monday 12 November 2018 to Sunday 18 November 2018.




Monday 12 November


No Engagements.

Tuesday 13 November


No Engagements.

Wednesday 14 November


Community Wellbeing Group, Watford Library.

Wednesday 14 November 16:30

Chamber Tour, Beavers/Scouts, Council Chamber and committee rooms.

Wednesday 14 November 18:00 Colnbrook School Art Exhibition, Hayling Road, Watford.
Thursday 15 November  

No Engagements.

Friday 16 November


No Engagements.

Saturday 17 November


No Engagements.

Sunday 18 November


High Sheriff's Justice Service, St.Albans Cathedral and Abbey.

The Chairman of Watford Borough Council for 2018/19 is Councillor Rabi Martins

The Vice Chairman of Watford Borough Council for 2018/19 is Councillor Asif Khan

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