Who is my county councillor?

There are 6 county councillors for the Watford area, who are elected for 4 years.  The last county council election was held on 4 May 2017. Each county council division covers two wards within Watford.

Listed below are the names of the County Councillors, the divisions they represent and the political party they belong to.

County division

County councillor

Political group

North Watford

Asif Khan


Central Oxhey

Stephen Giles-Medhurst

Liberal Democrat

Meriden Tudor

Kareen Hastrick

Liberal Democrat

Nascot Park

Mark Watkin

Liberal Democrat

West Watford

Nigel Bell


Woodside Stanborough

Tim Williams

Liberal Democrat

County Councillors Asif KhanKareen Hastrick, Mark Watkin, Nigel Bell and Tim Williams are also Watford Borough councillors.

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