Who is the Chairman?

Past Mayors of Watford

The Earl of Clarendon, first Mayor of Watford
The Earl of Clarendon, first Mayor of Watford

Watford became an Urban District under the Local Government Act 1894 and a municipal borough by grant of a charter in 1922. The first Mayor under the charter was the Rt. Hon. George Herbert Hyde, Earl of Clarendon.

Dorothy Thornhill, Baroness Thornhill, MBE, was the first directly elected Mayor of Watford and the first female directly elected mayor in the United Kingdom. She was Mayor of Watford from May 2002 until she retired from the role in May 2018, having been re-elected in May 2006, May 2010 and May 2014. She was nominated for a life peerage in August 2015.

The council also has a Chairman, who is elected annually by councillors and is the civic head of the council.

Past Mayors of Watford 1922 -2003:

1922-23 Rt. Hon. George Herbert Hyde, Earl of Clarendon

1923-25 Alderman Ralph Alfred Thorpe

1925-26 Alderman Henry Belcher Watkins

1926-27 Alderman Thomas Rubython Clark

1927-28 Alderman Thomas Rushton

1928-29 Alderman Francis Joseph Bache Hemming

1929-30 (April) Councillor Amelia Florence Broad

1930 (April to Nov.) Alderman Francis Joseph Bache Hemming

1930-31 Alderman Frederick William Jeffs

1931-32 Alderman William Bickerton

1932-33 Councillor Joseph Evans

1933-34 Councillor Charles Edward Griffin

1934-35 Alderman Henry Jules Bridger

1935-36 Councillor Ernest Charles Last

1936-37 Alderman Henry Coates

1937-38 Councillor Thomas Rigby Taylor

1938-39 Councillor Harry Horwood

1939-40 Alderman Lewin Halsey Andrews

1940-41 Councillor Ernest James Baxter

1941-42 Councillor Wilfred Harry Price

1942-43 Alderman Thomas Herbert Simmons

1943-44 Councillor Martha Ann Ward

1944 (Nov.) Alderman Herbert Waterman Beall

1944 (Dec.)-1945 Councillor Emily Gertrude Beall

1945-46 Councillor James Wright

1946-47 Councillor Ransley William North

1947-49 (May) Alderman Henry Coates

1949-50 Councillor Frederic Harold Vince

1950-51 Alderman Mary Edith Bridger

1951-52 Councillor L E Haines

1952-53 Alderman L C Johnson

1953-54 Alderman A G Dillingham

1954-55 Alderman J Davis

1955-56 Alderman E C Amey

1956-57 Councillor A Abbott

1957-58 Alderman H Horwood

1958-59 Councillor R W Gamble

1959-60 Alderman T F Harris

1960-61 Alderman E H Harrowell

1961-62 Alderman J R Hicks

1962-63 Alderman H W Lodder

1963-64 Alderman G W Knox

1964-65 Alderman A Reynolds

1965-66 Councillor L C Wright

1966-67 Alderman F Mackenzie

1967-68 Councillor Miss D M Scawen

1968-69 Alderman A L Merrifield

1969-70 Alderman J S Oliver

1970-71 Councillor R W Jackson

1971-72 Alderman Mrs. Mary Dodd

1972-73 Alderman R J Caton

1973-74 Councillor R S Horner

1974-75 Councillor W G Everett

1975-76 Councillor W T H Price

1976-77 Councillor D J Coleshill

1977-78 Councillor A W Bonney

1978-79 Councillor S Deakin

1979-80 Councillor N Tyrwhitt

1980-81 Councillor G Reynolds

1981-83 Councillor E C Amey OBE

1983-84 Councillor G R Greenstreet

1984-85 Councillor Mrs. M I Hughes

1985-86 Councillor Mrs. I Tunstall Dunn

1986-87 Councillor P Harrison

1987-88 Councillor L T Hughes

1988-89 Councillor P A Allen

1989-90 Councillor J M Watts

1990-91 Councillor V Conlon

1991-92 Councillor M Singh Chhina

1992-93 Councillor P Kiely

1993-94 Councillor J Horsfield

1994-95 Councillor M Green

1995-96 Councillor N Tyrwhitt

1996-97 Councillor P Harrison

1997-98 Councillor  S P Rosser

1998-99 Councillor D Thornhill

1999-00 Councillor R Bell

2000-01 Councillor I Brown

2001-02 Councillor S Tuckwood

2002-03 Councillor Mrs S Jones

(2003 -to present date, designated 'Chairman')

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