Who is the Chairman?

Past Chairmen of Watford

From 1922 Watford had a civic Mayor. Following a referendum in 2001, the people of Watford voted for a directly elected Mayor. This led to the civic Mayor being redesignated 'Chairman of the council' from 2003.

Past Chairmen of Watford are:

2003-04 Cllr E Burtenshaw

2004-05 Cllr R Gordon

2005-06 Cllr T Williams

2006-07 Cllr R Martins

2007-08 Cllr T Poole

2008-09 Cllr J Brown

2009-10 Cllr K Crout

2010-11 Cllr A Burtenshaw

2011-12 Cllr L Scudder

2012-13 Cllr S Counter

2013-14 Cllr S Rackett

2014-15 Cllr G Derbyshire

2015-16 Cllr K Hastrick

2016-17 Cllr D Walford

2017-18 Cllr J Singh Dhindsa

2018-19 Cllr R Martins

2019-20 Cllr A Khan

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