Audentior Awards

Chairman’s Award for Volunteer of the Year, Winner Ranjit Kaur Ahluwalia

Ranjit Kaur Ahluwalia
Ranjit Kaur Ahluwalia with Chairman

Ranjit Kaur Ahluwalia is awarded for her outstanding efforts and the contribution she provides for the community.

She was the founder of the Panjabi classes in Watford for children of the Sikh Community, which have been operating for over 25 years. Ranjit is a key member of the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship), running its day to day activities as the Stage Secretary. These complex responsibilities include managing event bookings from families and informing the congregation on Sikh matters in a local, national and worldwide context.

Mrs Ahluwalia is also involved in preparing Langar at the Gurdwara (this is free food, open to all communities) which normally feeds 100 or more people on a weekly basis.  She also takes a leading role in managing the day to day organisation of the car park facilities which the Gurdwara provides to employees who work in Watford town centre.

Not only does she help out in the Sikh community, but she also promotes and takes part in Watford community events, such as the Watford Interfaith Association Annual (WIFA) Pilgrimage every November, and the Starlight Walk. She has also taken active steps in international charity appeals by raising awareness and funds for Prab Asra Charity (helping children who are orphans and with disability).

The community is extremely proud to have Mrs Ahluwalia as a local leader, where she always puts others first. She takes on her role with great passion by taking time out to communicate and build an understanding with all ages of the community. She is shining example of a strong woman who not only takes time out for her family but also the community.

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