Audentior Awards

Mayor’s Award Runner Up, Helen Nicell

Helen Nicell
Helen Nicell with Mayor

In 2004 Helen Nicell joined Watford Writers to develop her skills in creative writing. Over the years she became a keen organiser of the group, extending it into the local community, particularly through competitions and many other outreach events. She has arranged visits from established authors to the group and runs workshops in all aspects of writing, be it fictional, factual, prose or poetry. Despite serious illness, Helen has continued all of her activities with great determination. She joined the committee of Watford Area Arts Forum and has organised many competitions in art, writing, photography, crafts, drama and music.

Helen has inspired people of all ages to become involved in the arts. In managing several social media pages, she has enthusiastically promoted the arts in Watford and the surrounding area.

Helen works ceaselessly to promote all arts in Watford and encourages young and old alike to enjoy the subject and to become involved.

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