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Mayor’s Award Winner, Actar Dinata

Actar Dinata
Actar Dinata with Mayor

Actar Dinata has been awarded for her extraordinary enthusiasm and drive and willingness to help others. She has been an active volunteer in many fields, constantly helping and motivating others and raising funds for charity.

She has demonstrated exceptional commitment to help and develop the students of Parmiter’s School. Using her skills in broadcasting and her knowledge of the media, Actar became Dragon’s Challenge Mentor for 2015/16. She was key in motivating the students to raise £12,000 for a local charity helping children and adults with disabilities. Actar gave the students important skills in team-building, running meetings, fund raising and presentation. She did so well that she was awarded a trophy for being the most inspirational dragon.

In addition to these many activities, Actar was actively fund-raising for the Royal Free Hospital, helping them in their research on liver disease. Through the Parmiter’s Parent Association, Actar has organised and managed many fundraising events, including a barbeque, an afternoon tea garden party and a jazz evening. As a member of the Citizen UK activity group, and working with a vast range of charities, she was involved with work on health and housing, youth employment and isolation issues, where she has had regular contact with Members of Parliament. Actar has also been active in refugee issues, helping to raise awareness amongst younger people. She also helps the refugees themselves with language issues.

She has also been effective in helping parents who have lost children through suicide, and has organised fundraising events for support groups and arranged awareness training for teachers, football coaches and health professionals. Actar’s work also extends to overseas; she is involved in school building projects in Africa and Asia. She is passionate in continuing all of her work to help others and to make a difference at home and abroad.

Actar Dinata


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