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Special Achievement Award, Watford Women’s Centre Plus

Watford Women's Centre
Watford Women's Centre with Chairman

Watford Women's Centre Plus has been a part of Watford for over 20 years, offering a huge range of services. It welcomes any woman wanting to move out of crisis or to a new phase of life. The centre offers non-judgemental support and up to date information, so women can make choices and acquire skills. Men are also assisted – they are referred to specialist organisations who are trained to meet their needs. WWC also support clients’ close relations to resolve their dilemmas productively, and support their search for better relationships and work opportunities. The centre has a specialist Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator, safeguarding and empowering vulnerable women. It supports women with domestic abuse issues using both one to one and group support sessions.

WWC’s tireless staff and volunteers aim to provide a friendly, welcoming space to encourage any woman to access their services. The centre works hard to enable people to make informed choices and take control over their lives. They also provide support and accurate up-to-date information and a variety of low-cost accredited courses and workshops.

The staff and volunteers at the centre work hard to help people gain the skills they need to enter the workplace or improve their everyday abilities and functioning, and so courses in basic maths and English are readily available. Additionally, basic IT courses are aimed at those who have never used a computer before, or who have very limited IT skills. For men and women preparing for work, the centre can help people take their first steps back employment or to learn a new skill. The Careers Advice Service offers help to clients in writing their CV and to apply for jobs.

Empowerment is at the heart of everything the Watford Women’s Centre does, and to this end they offer a variety of activity groups and workshops. These afford a broad range of subjects, including arts and crafts, jewellery making, life coaching, assertiveness and anger management. WWC also have a course directed at helping students improve their self-esteem and confidence, and another course on Domestic Abuse Awareness.


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