High Street improvements

Information for taxi and private hire operators

Information for all drivers wishing to access the High Street between Clarendon Road and King Street

  • Improvement works in the High Street mean that, with immediate effect, there is no access into it for all vehicles from Clarendon Road to Market Street.
  • From 30 June 2018 access to Clarendon Road and the High Street (from the junction of Beechen Grove) will be permanently restricted by rising bollards. Access will be restricted to buses only (and service vehicles at certain times).
  • Once phase one is completed passenger drop-off or pick up in the High Street (outside the new intu extension) or in Clarendon Rd (from Beechen Grove towards the High Street) will not be permitted and access through the bollards will not be granted.
  • From 1 July - 23 September 2018 phase two of the improvement works starts and there will be no vehicular access to the High Street (from King Street to Market Street). Normal access arrangements will be restored on the 24 September 2018 when works are completed.

Specific information for Hackney Carriage drivers

  • The part-time rank in the High Street, outside Barclays, is permanently removed with immediate effect.
  • A new full-time five car rank has opened in Wellstones. There is direction signage on the High St, improved lighting, CCTV and a shelter. A help point will be installed soon.
  • The new extended feeder rank in Church Street is operational with immediate effect.
  • Within the next month a new four car evening and overnight rank will be created in King Street, opposite Smith Street.

Specific information for Private Hire Vehicle drivers

From the 24 September 2018 access arrangements for drop off or pick up in the High Street (King Streett to Market Street) will revert to those currently in place. There are no permanent changes to traffic orders which will affect access in this section.

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