High Street improvements

What is happening to disabled parking?

The council is committed to ensuring the High Street is accessible to all residents and visitors, including those with disabilities. The improvements will mean a much better experience for everyone. The reduction in the number of vehicles, the wider pavements, less street ‘clutter’, which can present serious obstacles to those with disabilities as well as those with age-related mobility issues and people with pushchairs and prams, means the High Street will, overall, be far more accessible and disability-friendly than at present.

Before the improvement works there were four disabled parking bays on th stretch of the High Street between Clarendon Road and Market Street. These have been relocated to Church Street (which is just behind the High Street itself) and two additional disabled bays have been installed – bringing the number to six at this location. A further two disabled bays have also been created in the Wellstones area. So there is an increase of four blue badge bays in the town centre overall.

The new blue badge bays will also operate for a longer period than the current ones, which are not available until after 11am to allow for loading vehicles to use this space to service shops and restaurants. This will give more flexibility in the times drivers with a disability can visit the town centre.

Short term impact on drivers with disabilities

From 28 August until the end of October 2018. while we work on the lower part of the High Street from Market Street to King Street, the parking bays which can be used by drivers with disabilities will be out of use. There are around 10 of these loading bays which can be used by blue badge drivers after 11am. After the end of October these bays can be used by drivers with disabilities as normal. In the meantime, drivers with blue badges can use the eight town centre disabeld bays or there is ample disabled parking in the town centre and intu car parks.

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